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(Digital Edition)

The Healing Code Cards: Mind Deck (Digital Edition) is now available.

The Healing Code Cards: Mind Deck includes 36 cards and a 24-page PDF instruction manual that will help you to look into the healing theme of each card. Like its predecessor, the Mind Deck works to clear toxins and debris out of the body, only in this case, it's the debris and toxins of the emotional and mental bodies. From chakra clearing, organ and body system clearing, Aura repair, entity attachment removal, releasing of addictions, psychic enhancement, manifestation enhancement and much more!


We recommend you look over the About page & Contents of the Mind Deck Card's page for further information on using the cards and what they can do to help heal the mental and emotional body.

Note: Our Printed Edition of the Healing Code Cards: Mind Deck is planned to launch for January 2021 (No exact date available yet.) Customers receive a 50% off PDF voucher included in their digital order of the Mind Deck that can be used toward the Printed Edition once it launches in January. Please stay updated through our website and Facebook page.

When using the digital edition of the cards,  simply stare into the card of your choosing for a total of 60 seconds. Afterwards, the healing codes will enter your body performing the healing effect on the body area in question. You may also apply the card to ANY area of your body for longer than 60 seconds, and you can also charge your water by placing a card underneath or against your glass for 60 seconds.


Healing Code Cards: Mind Deck (Digital Edition) is an instant downloadable product and is available to any customer worldwide. For more information on the Healing Code Cards, please contact us.

PLEASE READ: After your purchase, please check your PayPal email for the delivery of your cards. If you have a problem downloading or accessing the ZIP file download, please contact us, and we can send you an alternate online delivery for the cards.

When you receive the order receipt in your email, open it and scroll down until you see the "DOWNLOAD" button in the email. Click on it, and this will begin the ZIP file download.

Price below is in Canadian funds and purchase is processed through PayPal.

Healing Code Cards: Mind Deck (Digital Edition)

Healing Code Cards: Mind Deck (Digital Edition)


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Note: Healing Code Cards is not a replacement for your physician or health practitioner and is intended to be used as an addition to your overall health.

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