Purchase Digital Edition Cards (via Digital Download)

The Healing Code Cards Digital Edition contain both English and Spanish versions each in their own separate folder within the ZIP file that you'll receive when you purchase. Once you download your cards, please read over the instructions for use, or visit our About/FAQ page for more information on the cards.

You can also print out the Healing Code Cards using photo paper as it holds the greatest quality to receive the Healing Codes within the cards. Please note that the Amplifier cards would need to printed out on photo paper along with other card(s) that you would want amplified.

When using the digital edition of the cards,  simply stare into the card of your choosing for a total of 60 seconds on your device's screen or through a printed copy (photo paper required). Afterwards, the healing codes will enter your body performing the healing effect on the body area in question. You may also apply the card to ANY area of your body for longer than 60 seconds, and you can also charge your water by placing a card underneath or against your glass for 60 seconds.

After your purchase, look for your order receipt that will be delivered to your PayPal account. On your receipt, you'll find a "Download" button included. Click on the button to receive your digital download (ZIP format).


Purchase your Digital Edition of the Healing Code Cards below:

Healing Code Cards (Digital Edition: English & Spanish)

Healing Code Cards (Digital Edition: English & Spanish)


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Note: Healing Code Cards is not a replacement for your physician or health practitioner and is intended to be used as an addition to your overall health.

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