What are Healing Code Cards?

The Healing Code Cards are a spiritual technology created by Brad Johnson. The purpose of the Healing Code Cards is to hold healing frequencies that have been intuitively received and embedded within the geometry of these cards and encode these frequencies into anyone who uses them.

The creator of the Healing Code Cards, Brad Johnson is a spirit communicator, psychic and energy healer who has been working deeply within the spiritual/metaphysical field for over a decade. For more information on Brad Johnson, visit his About page on the New Earth Teachings website.

The codes within the cards are completely invisible. Yet when you begin to use them, you will feel your body reacting to them. The geometry acts as a sacred container to encase the codes given by Spirit and facilitated by Brad Johnson. Similar to how one would have a Reiki session where symbols are used to heal the body. Only in this case, the symbols have no physical substance until they are anchored in place to the card's geometry.


The healing codes are created from pure Spirit Light. Brad's unique connection to Spirit enables these codes to be anchored into the sacred geometry of the cards for the purposes of healing, detoxification, restoration and enhancement.

The Spirit Light Healing Codes are specifically programmed to eliminate specific viruses, illnesses and toxins within the body based on each card's intention. Organs becomes detoxified, restored and enhanced by looking at a card for a total of 60 seconds, placing a card upon the physical body for 60 seconds, or using a card to charge water for 60 seconds and drinking the water down slowly. Although 60 seconds is the minimum amount of time for the cards to become encoded into one's body, longer periods of time can be applied when using the Healing Code Cards.


How do the Healing Code Cards work through me?

If one is highly receptive and sensitive to intuitive energies, they will have the greatest success in using the Healing Code Cards. This is because you yourself are the magnetic power source that is fueling the very Spirit/Source commands imbued within each Healing Code Card. As you hold your natural magnetic focus concentrating upon the card(s) for the 60 second time span, your energy in all its power and glory is being reflected and amplified back to you refined through the Spirit/Source commands contained within the Healing Code Cards. Therefore it is the very amplification, magnetism and reprogramming of your own energy that is being reflected back to you as you observe these cards. The same goes with their amplification to water, and being placed upon your body. The Healing Code Cards are in contact with your energy field.


Therefore, as they are in contact, those codes will go into the water for water is a natural mirror and collector of consciousness itself. Those codes will be stored into the water molecules and as you drink it, those codes become amplified by your energy naturally. The same goes with the body as it is your energy amplifying the effect of each command contained within a particular Healing Code Card.


Those who are not so sensitive or receptive to intuitive energies may feel like that they do not sense any changes upon using the cards. It’s not that there are no changes happening, but they are very subtle because the individual is not receptively open to intuitive energy. One can see it like the strength of a magnet. There can be, for example, a very weak magnet that has exceptionally low polarity. Yet, if you move it close enough, it will bind to some degree. And then there are magnets that are strong in polarity and will bind with great magnetic force.

To the one who has a low magnetic polarity, they would best benefit from performing energy work and inner development. Through meditation, improving the physical body and performing inner practice, they will overtime hold a greater magnetic charge. As this progresses, when using the Healing Code Cards, the effect felt will become more apparent based on their increase of intuitive magnetic energy overall in a manner of speaking.

Can my family or friends use my deck of cards as well, or is it just for me?

The Healing Code Cards are universally available for everyone and are not restricted to a certain person, otherwise they wouldn't be able to be sold publicly. When anyone uses the cards, the cards are personable for them and their needs. When passed to another person, the same thing applies. They are universally available for all, but also make themselves personal for each person their passed to. 

Can the Healing Code Cards be used on chronic conditions?

Not only can they be used for chronic conditions, they can be used for ALL conditions relating to the physical body. In creating the Healing Code Cards, Brad Johnson has done thorough research in apply Healing Codes to specific areas of the body to weaken and eliminate illnesses and ailments commonly found in the body. To find out more about each of the Healing Code Cards function through the Body Deck, visit our Body Deck page to see the list of illnesses that are dealt with through the Healing Code Cards.

Is there anything I have to do before and after using the cards?

Before using the cards, get yourself relaxed and comfortable. Let there be no disturbances as you use the cards. Think of having a personal healing session or a massage. You want to let yourself unwind and not be distracted by anything that takes you away from your healing time.

After using your Healing Code Cards, drink a glass of pure or mineral water and let yourself relax afterwards. These Healing Codes are working on your body clearing away illnesses, viruses and toxins. Give your body time to rest and allow the codes to detoxify the areas of the body.

It's also recommended to use the cards in the morning to mid-day if possible. Healing Code cards can bring you high vitality and if used late at night, you may find yourself staying up late with a great deal of revitalized energy flowing through you. Overtime as your body gets more used to the Healing Code Cards, you'll find your vitality evening out on a content level, and evening usage will become more calming.

Should I use only one or two cards per day to start?

Yes, this would be recommended. For beginners, start with one card on an area of your body that feel requires the most attention for healing: the brain, the heart, the kidneys for example. If you find that your energy levels are calm throughout the day and into the evening, then start the next day with two cards and be aware of how you feel. Monitor your energy levels and if you feel at a content level using two or more cards, continue with the process.

Do the cards have any side effects to them?

None whatsoever. The cards are specifically designed to detoxify, restore and enhance your body. If you find that your body is highly toxic and ill, this is why it's recommended to use one card per day and monitor yourself to see how you feel. A reminder that you only have to look at the card for at least 60 seconds and no longer. The same applies if you place the card on your body: a minimum of 60 seconds. If you charge you water with a Healing Code Card, sip it very slowly. Each body can react differently depending on their level of toxicity. If the body feels like it is responding to intensely to the Healing Code Cards, its recommended to put them aside for a few days as you work with transitional dietary and exercise routines. As your strength returns, you can go back to using the Healing Code Cards. Remember to drink plenty of water and to get rest. This is why it's best to use a Healing Code Card in the morning or latest, the midday when you first begin. Understand that no one person is identical to another. Everyone will feel the effects of the Healing Code Cards in their own way, so please start very gentle with yourself and work your way up slowly with one card per day. 

Can I keep using the same Healing Code Card daily?

Absolutely! You can use it as often as you like as each day goes by. Remember, as long as you're using it for the 60 second minimum each day, the Healing Code Card can fully do its job within your body. You may want to use it for a longer period each day and that's completely fine too. Use it as often as you like.

How does the Healing Code Card work with specific illnesses in the body?

The Healing Code Cards are sent to Brad Johnson directly from Spirit and embed themselves into the card based on a specific command that Brad intends through each card. Spirit is infinite intelligence and intelligent infinity. It knows all, and so the mind of Spirit is contained inside each unique card and knows what to do in eliminating and detoxifying illnesses + restoring, enhancing and amplifying the areas of your body. With its powerful mind, the body becomes repaired overtime.

Can I use the Healing Code Cards on my pets?

Yes you can, but remember that your animal may be sensitive to the intensity of the Healing Code Cards. Its recommended to charge their drinking water with the card of your choosing that you feel would serve them best. Apply the 60 second rule for charging and monitor them as they drink their water. If they feel fine and not dizzy or fatigued, you can continue to charge their water with the cards, however; one card per day for them would be recommended.​

Can I put multiple cards on my body? It won't be confused, will it?

Not at all. Your body is far more intelligent than you give it credit for. These cards are designed to work with your body's energy field. All codes contained within the cards will work with your body the moment you work with the gaze method (staring), charge method (charging water/juice) or body method (placing on the body). Apply the 60 second rule minimally and the codes will enter your body. It is that simple.

Do you have any other questions regarding the Healing Code Cards? Please feel free to contact us with your question.

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Note: Healing Code Cards are not a replacement for your physician or health practitioner. It is not a medicine, but a spiritual healing technology.

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