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The World's Most Powerful Healing Card Decks!

The Body Deck

Two new revolutionary card decks are now available to the world and it is unlike any deck of cards anyone has ever seen.

The Healing Code Cards consist of two decks: The Body Deck and the Mind Deck. Each deck contains 36 cards that have been imbued by "Spirit Light Codes" invisible to the naked eye, but deliver a profound effect to specific areas of the body.

Created by Brad Johnson: Spirit communicator, psychic and energy healer, the Healing Code Cards bring a brand new innovation to the alternative healing field where profound health and recovery exists within a simple card of sacred geometry.

The Mind Deck

The Healing Code Cards: Mind Deck

Available Now! -- The Healing Code Cards: Mind Deck (Printed Edition). The physical printed deck can be purchased directly through our website and shipping is available worldwide.

The Healing Code Card: Mind Deck (Printed Edition) will be available on and by the end of January. Please stay tuned for more updates to come!


The Healing Code Cards: Mind Deck is currently available in digital edition and also includes a 50% off PDF voucher for the Printed Edition launching January 20th! The Healing Code Cards: Mind Deck (Digital Edition) is now available for purchase digitally.

For more information on our exciting new deck and to order your digital edition now, click below...

Healing Code Cards: Body Deck

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The printed deck of the Healing Code Cards are now available for purchase through our website. For Canadian & American customers, please order our cards through Amazon.

Click the button below to order the Healing Code Cards directly from our website if you live outside Canada or USA.

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Order the Healing Code Cards: Body Deck (Digital Edition)

By popular demand, we are happy to announce that the Digital Edition of the Healing Code Cards are now available (Both in English and Spanish Languages) to purchase for digital download from ANYWHERE in the world!

© 2020. New Earth Teachings. Healing Code Cards is a subsidiary of New Earth Teachings.

Note: Healing Code Cards is not a replacement for your physician or health practitioner and is intended to be used as an addition to your overall health.

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